Eat it to Save it

What could be a better catalyst for food systems conversations than sausage? At the Institut für Raumexperimente a fruitful collaboration with Species of Space led this project where traditional German Wurst were handmade from a rare pig raised on a small farm outside Berlin. By hiring “Grillwalkers”, or self-contained sausage vendors commonly found around the city, the project combined the flexibility of spatial mobility with the conspicuous entertainment of the vendor. This project provided a contrast to conventional mainstream products that one expects from the Grilllwalker. It is only when you are confronted with a differentiation that you begin to question what you already accept from our food system.

There are hundreds of livestock breeds that are in danger of extinction. The Mangalizta pig is only one of them. The goal of Eat it to save it is to create an experience through contrasts of expectation, which encourages people to question what they accept from the food system and to learn that there are alternatives, beyond ketchup and mustard.

Berlin, 2010