Shoe Gardens

An intense week spent at Fuglebjerggaard, the vintage farm, kitchen and home of Danish food legends Camilla Plum and Per KĂžlster in Helsinge, Denmark. No shortage of work from the kitchen, to farm, barn, plant nursery, and around the farmhouse in preparation for the annual harvest festival held every September where over 3,000 guests make an annual pilgrimage to eat some seriously good food.

I was invited to organize a DIY shoe garden exhibition for the festival. For two days a jumbled mound of used high heels, sneakers, galoshes, boots, work boots tumbled out onto the grassy field where the festival was held. Visitors were invited to choose an herb plant and a shoe to reappropriate into a take-away garden with instructions to put it in a public place near their home and care for it. A simple and poetic action to create a network of small public gardens in Denmark reminding people that they can participate in public space and why not grow food in the city?

Denmark, 2011