Softly Radical

Softly Radical

I am pleased to be part of the opening exhibition tonight, June 19 at the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery in Berlin with my installation, Softly Radical.

When  deviating from the conventional food system, we can act softly radical by empowering ourselves to grow our own food and participate in a more sustainable and democratic food system by sharing this knowledge, beauty and food with the people around us in our community.

This micro kitchen window garden was installed using recycled materials and seasonal Mangold greens. The intention is to create an open-source design for anyone interested in building, caring for and observing a micro garden and having it observed.

Weedlust in Reykjavik

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Reykjavik, Iceland.  I apologize for the long lapse of news and events. I have been in transition and now find myself on this volatile and beautiful island that nudges up against the arctic circle for the month.

While strawberries and asparagus are actively filling farmers market stalls around the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, in Reykjavik it’s still early spring.  The rhubarb is just starting to stretch its limbs as the daffodil blooms cheer on the sunshine. And every day it gets a bit greener.

A student project of the Iceland Academy of the Arts brought locally foraged spring greens to the streets of Reyjkavik last week in a mobile kitchen. The guerilla action swept onto Austurstraeti, one of the most pedestrian public spaces in the city and setup a cooking demonstration with several different greens which had earlier been collected from public spaces around the city (sweet cicley, dandelion greens, angelica, northen/doorstep dock (Rumex longifolius)). The artists prepared three simple dishes: oven toasted greens, a tomato and wild green soup, and wild green pesto and provided recipes.

I was happy to be invited to witness the exchange between artists and pedestrians and the chattering about wild foods, upcoming plans for urban agriculture in Reykjavik, recipe exchanges and taste. This project, called Matarkista Reykjavíkur is as I understand the first action in a series intended to bring food in to the city and life into the neighborhood. Watch this video here to see more.

Introducing Food & Movement e.V.

As a founding member, I’m excited to announce Food & Movement, a network for people who believe in a sustainable food system and active movement for future generations. The organization allows members to utilize the network and non-profit status to realize their vision and enact projects related to a whole range of sustainable food and movement issues. We invite you to join us by visiting our website and learning more at

Foodlinks: using knowledge networks to promote sustainble food

I will be participating in the Foodlinks sustainable food communities of practice conference in Brussels on October 16. I’m pleased to be presenting my Rations game. Foodlinks is a three year project and the theme of the conference is ‘Good cooperation between science, society, and policy promotes sustainable food consumption and production”.

Wild Cultures Fermentation Workshop












Together with Anne duk hee Jordan as Mak Maak I will be presenting a fermentation workshop at the Agora Art Collective in Berlin Neukölln on Sunday September 22, 2013. Everyone is welcome to learn and share personal fermentation secrets. We will focus on traditional Korean and Ethiopian fermentation methods to make kimchi, vinegar, te’j- Ethiopian honey wine, and injera the traditional Ethiopian flat bread made with teff. Cost is 10€ for materials and snacks. BYO glass jars to take home the goods. Email Lynn (at) if you would like to reserve a spot.

See what I’ve been up to with my Ethiopian projects at

Rations at Experiment Days

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I will be facilitating my game, Rations at Experiment Days Berlin, a community platform and week-long camp for self-organized urban living projects on Saturday September 14, 2013. The game will be offered as a participatory model of engagement for food systems planning. Participants will explore attitudes, beliefs and resources to build a sustainable food-web for their community space on the Spree-Acker in Berlin.